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Orangetip  is an integrated design practice company.


With a primary clientèle in the retail, hospitality, corporate and healthcare industries, Orangetip creates design that enhances the human standard of living and creates  immersive experiences.


Founded in 2007, Orangetip has been consistently delivering large, multi brand format big box retail stores  to  mono brand format projects for leading retail companies across India.




The idea is to integrate all required disciplines and provide solutions in the form of a memorable experience for the problem or opportunity in hand. We strongly believe that “ idea should dictate the media or  the zone and not the other way around and only this kind of an approach will help us innovate from

time to time.


We believe that for any relationship to be meaningful, there has to be participation and understanding from both sides. It has to be engaging, interactive, entertaining. Only then can it be a memorable experience for the end users. And this in turn can result in better bottom lines for the brands. After all, we

have a specific reason for our existence - to help you make your business more profitable.







We work with you as a partner in creating a good brief or strategy there by developing the concept that will facilitate your business opportunity. Be it developing designs for built environment or last piece of furniture that will complete the indoor ambience .


Design Adaptation

We spend our valuable time to understand the complex and essence of the concept so as to produce an effective adaptation to the acquired space.


Joinery & paint shop

We meet the wood based furniture requirements from our clients by delivering the top quality at an affordable price.






We understand you and your customer needs and outcome of which is a design strategy. This is based on research and intuit. Intuit is our strength as strong six sense built over number of years with consumers.



We as a team follow strong brain storming techniques and look for out of box innovation every time to achieve the best solution for your challenges.



Ideas get translated into development through design. Here we shape the idea fully in terms of the form, scale, proportion, material, cost optimization, durability etc.